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Transcending all man made barriers and boundaries, Bhagavad Gita speaks to the entire humankind. Its message is as universal and expansive as the skies, the oceans, indeed, the space all around and engulfing us. It is as relevant today as it was more than 5000 years ago when Krishna, the Master Charioteer, delivered it to [… Detail]

“This book, a compilation of devotional poems offered through the voice of Krishna longing for union with Radha, is perhaps the first of its kind. Many have spoken of Radha’s separation from her Lord. The masses are familiar with the feminine consort being so at odds, so forlorn, of separation from her Beloved. “Yes, Radha [… Detail]

“In this book,  Anand Krishnatakes you on a fascinating  journeyinto the depths of Vedic philosophy toldan easily understandable dialoguebetween an old man and three kids.There is profound wisdom inthis story for anyoneinterested in their own spiritual journey” Andre ColbertManager, Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education “The most beautiful thingwe can experience is [… Detail]

“Given the basic thrust of Yoga as practice, not belief, it has served as a bridge between cultures and diverse religious forms for millennia. By emphasizing spiritual practice and remaining mute on disputations of theological issues, Yoga has emerged through the centuries not only with eff ective methods for spiritual practice but also with an adaptability [… Detail]

A Must Read Book, esp. for Lawyer, Prosecutor, and Judge!The Newest from Anand Krishna “THE KALIGIS SUCCESS FACTOR – Lessons from a Rare ‘Man of Law’” OTTO CORNELIS KALIGIS, a man whom Anand Krishna calls “the law icon” is appreciative to Anand’s effort in writing this impressive work, which is based on O.C. Kaligis’ life-story, [… Detail]

“Anand’s analysis will no only interest the academia, particularly the historian, but also the laypeople passionate about the subject. In fact, he does not stop at that. It is not only the histories and misteries of the ancient Sundaland that he shares through the pages of this book, but also its age old wisdom that [… Detail]

World class tourism destination Bali is well-known for her natural beauty and exotic culture. But within beautiful Bali hides another type of ‘beauty’: the pearls of wisdom to heed and practice. Bali’s indigenous wisdom is laden with philosophical and universal values and is also very relevant for addressing the global problems modern people face daily. [… Detail]

“Baba’s message is not only universal and relevant to peoples of all faiths and coming from all kinds of backgrounds, but also applicable at all times, and under all circumtances. “His spirituality is not the forest-academy spirituality, but the marketplace kind that can be practiced and lived. “Going to the prepublication manuscript of this book, [… Detail]