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Perkawinan menjadi sarana pertemuan antara dua hari, dua mind (atau gugusan pikiran serta perasaan), dua Jiwa. Inilah arti perkawinan yang sebenarnya Marriage is a means of meeting between two hearts, two minds, two souls. This is the true meaning of marriage. – Anand Krishna Penerbit: Centre for Vedic & Dharmic Studies Cara Pembelian: SMS/WA Order: 087885111979 [… Detail]

Learning about Hindu Dharma in Anand Ashram makes me realise about it’s greatness and glory that is beyond time. The Hindu Dharma is not about rituals alone, it teaches us the way to live life righteously, hence it is also referred to as Sanatana or Eternal Dharma. I am really proud to be a Hindu. [… Detail]

Truth has Many Facets…and, each facet adds to its beauty, its lustre.Most of us, however, accept just one facet and reject others;and, this is the cause of all conflicts, all rifts, all misunderstandings, and even battles and wars.Through the pages of this Perpetual Spiritual Diary, which you can use in many ways, I invite you [… Detail]

Known as Shin-tu to the ancient Chinese Travelers, Hindu to the ancient Persians and Arabs; Indus and Indies to the Westerners, the Sindhu Valley Civilization is perhaps the only ancient civilization that has not only survived, but also evolved, progressed and thrived with the passage of time. The Civilization has given birth to several philoshophies, [… Detail]

LIVE LOVE LAUGH – Living Fully, Loving Unconditionally, and Laughing Freely(HIDUP, CINTA, & TAWA – Hidup Sepenuhnya, Mencintai Tanpa Syarat, dan Tertawa Sebebasnya) Live, Love, and Laugh are intertwined and inseparable. The trio is the total sum of living and our planetary existence. Withouth love and laughter, life becomes dry. It has no charm, no [… Detail]

Kabir (1440-1518) adalah mistik India penggagas angan-angan persatuan umat manusia. Kabir bukan sekedar nama. Ia adalah sebuah revolusi yang berhasil mengantar banyak sekali orang ke alam pencerahan dan mengubah pola piker siapa pun yang mau membuka diri. Kabir adalah pelintas batas. Karena itu, bagi orang yang berpikir dogmatis sempit, Kabir sangat berbahaya! Janganlah sekali-kali mengundang [… Detail]