“(The Sara-Samuccaya) contains the essence of the high teachings and noble ideals set forth in the Mahabharata. It richly merit s the devotions and reverence that has been bestowed upon it through the centuries by the denizens of he idylic island.”

Prof. DR. Raghu vira. MA., PH.D., D.LITT.,ET PHIL.
Author of Sara Samuccaya (A classical Indonesian Compendium of High Ideals)

“The question is, are we ready to open up ourselves to these values; and, are we receptive to the values enshrined in the Slokantara, compiled toward the end of the Majapahit Dynasty around 14th or 15 th century of our common era, but, which are still applicable – the answer to this question must be found by the readers having contemplated upon them.”

His Royal Majesty (DYMM) Sri Sultan Surya Alam Joyokusumo
Gagah Wangi Dhimak Palace (Demak, Central Java)

Thanks to the perseverance and tireless efforts of Anand Krishna, the wisdom of Sevaka Dharma can now be accessed and enlighten one and all. We highl commend his efforts, thank you Kang (Brother) Anand. It is not easy to translate the Old Sundanese into Indonesian due to the limitarion of the vocabulary.”

Ir. Rd. Roza Rahmadjasa Mintaredja. IAI
Humanist, Sundanese Activist, Architect.

Penerbit: Centre for Vedic and Dharmic Studies