“This book, a compilation of devotional poems offered through the voice of Krishna longing for union with Radha, is perhaps the first of its kind. Many have spoken of Radha’s separation from her Lord. The masses are familiar with the feminine consort being so at odds, so forlorn, of separation from her Beloved.

“Yes, Radha has been separated from her Beloved. But, so too, has Krishna with equal love and devotion for his counterpart, been enduring the pain of separation.

“This collection of poems, written in a similar voice as Mira, famous for her longing and her unabashed romance for her Lord, written by Anand Krishna, is a lament with the sweetness of a Lord simply longing for His Goddess, to once again soften, and walk once more in the ecstasy of eternal Togetherness, in the gardens of eternal Bliss.”

– Monica Dogra, International Artist.

Penerbit: Pusat Studi Veda & Dharma